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Liberia cheap vacations can help you find a variety of cheap Liberia vacation deals for any budget, departure date or destination.

It is Easy to Use the Vacation Package Filter

The Package Filter is highlighted in blue and is on the left side of the page. First you need to choose where you are leaving from. Click on the space or the down arrow under Leaving from. This will open a list of Canadian departure locations. Choose the one you will be flying from.

Next select Liberia as your destination. Click on Choose Your Destination or the down arrow under Going to. A pull down menu will appear with available destinations. The list is organized so that you can choose a general range, such as Sun Vacations. Then it is organized by country, for example Costa Rica. Under each country specific vacation areas are listed, such as Liberia. Click on Liberia so that you will see only what is available in Liberia.

You will also need to include your desired departure date. You can type the date in the empty space below Departing On. There is also a small calendar on the side that you can click on. This makes it easy choose a day without needing to know the exact date. For example, if you know you want to go on a Sunday in October you find the October calendar page and choose which Sunday you would like.

You will need to choose your flexibility. You can click on Choose Your Flexibility or the down arrow below Flexibility. You can choose between the exact date you want, 1, 2 or 3 days plus or minus from your desired departure date.

You will notice areas for Duration, Star Rating and Meal Plan. You do not fill them if you want to see all cheap Liberia vacation deals available. Click on the Start Searching button and a list of cheap vacation packages that meet your criteria will be displayed. The cheapest vacation deals for Liberia will be on the top of the list.

Duration, Star Rating and Meal Plan

Duration: You can also choose between discount vacations in Liberia that last a week, more than a week, or even less than a week. Click on One Week or the down arrow under Duration. A pull down menu will show you the selections, One Week, Less than a week, more than a week. To see all available cheap vacation deals in Liberia for any length of time simply don’t specify the duration.

Star Rating: It is easy to find discount vacation deals at Liberia hotels that meet your standards. The star rating a hotel or resort has is a good way to judge its quality. If you are interested in simple, basic and cheap hotels then leave the selection as Any star rating. If you leave the star rating at Any star rating then all discount vacations at resorts with one to five and higher star ratings will be displayed. You can quickly choose between Star ratings of three, four and five star or higher. Click on Any star rating or the down arrow under Star Rating. A drop down menu will appear with 3 star or higher, 4 star or higher, 5 star or higher. Click on the star rating you want to only see discount vacations in Liberia that are that star rating or higher. 
Meal Plan: To choose a meal plan click on Any or the down arrow below Meal Plan. A drop down menu will appear with four selections; Any, Some Meals, All Inclusive, No Meals. Choose which meal plan interests you.  If you want a cheap all inclusive vacation in Liberia you should select all inclusive for the meal plan. Otherwise the list of discount vacations in Liberia will include vacation deals that are not all inclusive. If you select all inclusive meal plan then only cheap all inclusive vacation packages for Liberia will be displayed.

It is important to note that just because a hotel or resort offers an all inclusive package vacation does not mean all of their vacation packages are all inclusive. Some hotels will offer all inclusive vacation packages where all meals are included, or vacation deals which include a few meals or none at all. Most cheap vacation deals in Liberia are all inclusive, but you may come across one that is not. For example Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort has several meal plans available.

Refine your search criteria to identify the discount Liberia vacation that best meets your requirements at the cheapest price. Check the Package Description to find out what is actually included in the cheap vacation packages in Liberia you are interested in. This can be done by clicking on the Book button.  A new page will appear showing the available discount vacation packages for that destination and departure date. Click on the Package Description to see what is included in that vacation package. 
Flexible Departure Date or Destination

Many people don’t have a date or resort in mind when they begin their search for cheap vacations. They want to look around, discover what is available in their price range first. makes it easy to find discount vacation deals that fit your travel budget.

You may be interested in a cheap vacation in Liberia. Now you want to know what types of cheap vacation packages are available. You may also want to find out when the cheapest Liberia vacations are available. Please note that the more flexibleity your departure dates are the more cheap vacation packages in Liberia you will find. 

You don’t need to know when you want to go or even where you want stay at to see what cheap Liberia vacations are available. You can actually find discount vacations for any departure date or location on There are three main pages on to find cheap vacations.

Home Page

You can start searching for a discount Liberia vacation deal right on’s home page. Vacation packages with the lowest price are displayed on the home page. You will need to scan down the list to find any discount vacations in Liberia.

Last Minute Vacation Deals

Looking at last minute vacation deals is a good way to find quality vacations for Liberia cheap. Frequently the cheapest discount deals for vacations are discovered within the last minute vacation deals selection. This is because hotels will offer last minute deals on vacations to fill the resort. They would rather give you savings then have empty rooms. You can discover good value and low prices when you look under last minute vacation deals. Especially if you find last minute deals for all inclusive vacation packages in Liberia.

The Last Minute Vacation Deals button is on the top of the page between the Home and Cheap Vacations buttons. Hold the pointer over the Last Minute Vacation Deals button. A list of departure locations will appear. Find and click on your departure location. A list of all available last minute vacation deals will be displayed, cheapest first. You will need to check the selection for any vacation deals in Liberia. The list displays prices and taxes, the locations, hotel star ratings, departure dates and the length of stay for each of the last minute vacation packages. You will also be able to see if a last minute vacation package in Liberia is all inclusive or not.

Cheap Vacations

The quickest way to find the cheapest discount vacations for Liberia resorts is to search under Cheap Vacations. The Cheap Vacations button is on top of the page beside the Last Minute Vacation Deals button.  Move the pointer over the Cheap Vacations button. Then bring the pointer down and over the Sun Vacations option. This will open another drop down list with different locations. Find Costa Rica on the list, place the pointer over it and a drop down menu will give you the options of Liberia or San Jose. Choose and click on Liberia. All available discount vacation packages in Liberia will be displayed, cheapest will be on top of the page.

Get the Most Value out of Your Discount Vacation Deal for Liberia

There are cheap Liberia vacations to take advantage of. However, you may actually be looking for value, not just the cheapest vacation in Liberia. To find discount vacation deals that give you the most value for your money check the vacation package information. This can be done by clicking on the Book button.  A new page will appear with the different discount vacation package options. Click on the Package Description to see what is included within that Liberia vacation package.

It takes a few minutes to compare the different vacation package descriptions. But it is important to do so. You don’t just want a cheap vacation in Liberia.  You want your dream vacation in Liberia cheap. So compare what is available and get what you really want out of your discount vacation package.

For example:

Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa is right on the beach. Snorkelling, tennis, billiards, air hockey and beach volleyball are just some of the activities included in their package vacation in Liberia. There is one restaurant, 2 bars, 2 pools and a casino. There are lots of activities to do on site.

Westin Playa Conchal is in the town Santa Cruz, Guanacaste. There is a nightclub, spa, gym, and golf course on site. There are multiple bars and à la carte restaurants as well as a buffet. There is a water sports centre, children’s playground and pool area. Westin Playa Conchal has areas specifically designed for wheelchair accessibility.

Both are cheap vacation packages in Liberia but offer completely different experiences.

Value in All inclusive Vacation Packages

All inclusive vacation packages in Liberia commonly provide the best value for your money. Often cheap all inclusive vacation packages will have a lot more then meals included. However, each resort will usually offer unique all inclusive packages. Do not assume that all inclusive packages will be the same at all of the resorts. One resort might include dance lessons and golf greens. Another might have water bikes and scuba diving lessons. If you want unlimited à la carte meals you want a location that offers that. You would probably also want to make sure they had a variety of à la carte restaurants to choose from.

Sometimes hotels have a variety of all inclusive Liberia vacation packages. It is important to find out what is included in the different all inclusive vacation deals in Liberia. Look at the all inclusive Liberia vacation description to see what is actually included. For example Riu Guanacaste often has 3 different all inclusive vacation packages available. Hilton Papagayo usually has 4 all inclusive vacations to choose from.

Many people like taking all inclusive vacations because meals are included. If food is an important part of your ideal vacation you need to find out a few things before you book. How many restaurants are in the hotel? What type of food is served? Are they buffet or à la carte? How many à la carte meals are included with all inclusive vacations? When is the food served? Is it 24 hrs or are there specific times the restaurants are open? One question many people don’t think to ask is if there is a dress code for the restaurants. Most do not, but some do. Do you need to pack more than shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits when on vacation in Liberia? If there is a dress code and other information about the restaurants it will show up in the all inclusive vacation description.

Wedding Vacation Packages in Liberia

All inclusive wedding packages in Liberia are very popular. Again it is recommended that you compare the different wedding vacation packages before you book. You want the best value for your money. is a great resource to find the Liberia vacations you dream of at the lowest price available.

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