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Mexico Cheap vacations

Mexico has a reputation of providing vacationers with good value for their money, great weather and a wonderful cultural experience. Mexico is unique in that it is exotic but familiar at the same time. A lot of that comfortable familiar feeling is the result of the Mexican government investing in developing Americanized but safe tourist environment. Many American and Canadian tourists have also had a strong impact on what is Tourist Mexico. 

When looking into cheap vacation deals in Mexico the question isn’t what can you get but what do you want. There are cheap vacation packages for Mexico for every budget and style of vacationer. There is sun, beaches, historical landmarks, shows, restaurants, nightlife and even quiet corners to relax in. In Mexico cheap vacation options are extremely diverse. All you have to do is decide what you want out of your Mexican vacation and then find the discount vacation packages that provide it. is a quick and easy way to find the cheapest vacation in Mexico.  There are several ways to uncover a variety of cheap vacations in Mexico for any budget, departure date, or destination.

How to find great cheap vacations to Mexico on

You Know When and Where

If you already know when and where you would like to take a cheap vacation, use the package filter on the left side of the page. It is highlighted in blue. Simply fill in your departure location, destination, when you would like to depart, and any other important information such as how long you would like to stay. Hit the Search button and a list of cheap vacation packages will be displayed with the lowest price first. You can refine your search until you uncover the right vacation for you with the lowest price possible for the departure dates you want. 

Make use of the refining options to get the best possible vacation package. For example, if you want an all inclusive vacation in Mexico, it is important that you choose All inclusive under meal plan. Just because a hotel or resort offers an all inclusive vacation package does not mean all of their vacation packages are all inclusive. Many hotels will offer all inclusive vacation packages, where meals are all included, or a vacation package that only includes a few meals, or none.

This gives you flexibility to choose an all inclusive package, or not, but still stay in the same location. Just be aware of what is included in any discount vacation packages you are interested in before you book so that you get what you want.

Star ratings are a great way to judge the quality of service, food and accommodations. It is easy to select the star rating when using’s package filter. If you are interested in something simple, basic and cheap then leave the selection at any star rating. You will see everything that is available from one to five stars and higher. To make sure you are only looking at cheap vacations in Mexico that meet your standards, select the star rating you are comfortable with. You can refine it to three, four and even five star or higher.

The Best Discount Vacation

It is great when you have some flexibility with departure dates when looking for discount vacations in Mexico. It is easier to enjoy the benefits of cheap vacation deals in Mexico if you can arrange your departure date to take advantage of them.

The cheapest vacation packages are already displayed on’s home page. It takes a quick glance to see what discount vacation deals in Mexico are available. Keep an eye out for any cheap all inclusive vacation packages for Mexico, they often provide the best value for your dollar.

Next find the Last minute Vacation deals button on the top of the page. Hold the pointer over it, find and click on your departure location.  A list of all available last minute vacation deals will be displayed, cheapest first. Scan the selection for any last minute vacation deals for Mexico. You will see price and tax, the location, departure dates, how long the Mexican vacation package is for and if any meals are included, or if it is an all inclusive vacation package. The hotel or resorts star rating will also be shown.

Last minute vacation deals for Mexico can save you a lot of money. Hotels and resorts will offer discounts on all inclusive and regular vacation packages if they have too many empty rooms. You can find some amazing deals, especially with all inclusive packages, when you take a look at last minute vacations.

The easiest way to find the best discount vacations to Mexico is to look under Cheap Vacations. The Cheap Vacations button is on top of the page beside the Last Minute Vacation deals button.  Move the pointer over the Cheap Vacations button; choose Sun Vacations and then Mexico. At this point you can click on Mexico to or you can select a location in Mexico.  If you select Mexico you will be able to see all discount vacation packages available for Mexico. This is a great way to find the best vacation deals in Mexico, from one end to the other. If you select a destination in Mexico, like the Mayan Riviera, you will only see the cheap vacations available for the Mayan Riviera. This makes it easy if you already know where you want to take your cheap Mexican vacation, and are just searching for the best vacation deal possible.

Get the Most Value out of Your Discount Vacation Deal for Mexico

Always look into the vacation package information before you book any cheap vacations in Mexico. This can be done by clicking on the Book button. A new page will appear with the different discount vacation package options. Click on the package description to see what is included in the vacation package. You may find that the cheapest vacation deal is not the one you want. You’ll probably want the vacation package that gives you the most for the cheapest price. 

It takes a few minutes to compare the different Mexico vacation package descriptions but it is worth it. Make sure you are getting what you want out of your vacation package in Mexico, not just the cheapest one.  For example, one destination may give you an introduction to scuba diving. A different hotel will let two children under 12 stay for free. Location of the resort or hotel can be important as well. Some are located directly on a beach, others are not. Some have nightly entertainment, are close to a city to do shopping, sightseeing, or to take in the night life. Know what you want from your discount vacation in Mexico and then find the cheapest vacation deal that provides it.

All inclusive vacation packages in Mexico will often provide the best value simply because so much is included. However, each resort or hotel has different all inclusive packages. Look at the all inclusive vacation description so you know what is actually included. For example, one all inclusive package in Mexico provided the equipment for snorkelling. Another had a full range of water sports and equipment they included in their all inclusive Mexico vacation package. There is a big difference between snorkelling gear and being able to use a catamaran. Know what you are getting before you book your all inclusive vacation package. .

Many people like taking all inclusive vacations in Mexico because meals are included. If food is an important part of your ideal vacation you need to find out a few things before you book. How many restaurants are in the hotel? What type of food is served? Are they buffet or à la carte? How many à la carte meals are included with all inclusive vacations? When is the food served? Is it 24 hrs or are there specific times the restaurants are open? One question many people don’t think to ask is if there is a dress code for the restaurants. Most do not, but some do. Do you need to pack more than shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits when on vacation in Mexico? If there is a dress code and other information about the restaurants, it will show up in the all inclusive vacation description.

Turning a wedding into an all inclusive vacation in Mexico has become very popular. However, you cannot simply go to Mexico on a vacation and get married. It is possible to enjoy an all inclusive wedding vacation package in Mexico as long as you prepare everything ahead of time.

Before a Canadian couple can get married in Mexico a certified copy of the intended's Canadian birth certificates, authenticated by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and legalized by the Mexican consulate in Toronto (for Ontario and Manitoba), will be required. A completed application must be obtained at the registry office in Mexico, along with results of clinical analysis (blood test), also to be done in Mexico. If either party has been previously married, proof of termination of marriage, in the form of a divorce or death certificate (original or certified copy), authenticated by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and legalized by a Mexican consulate with appropriate jurisdiction, must be provided. Divorce must be finalized for a period of one year before any person may be married in Mexico.

What Mexico has to offer

When taking a cheap vacation in Mexico you can pretty much find what you are looking for whether it is good food, great beaches, history or just about anything else.

Because of a strong tourist trade with US and Canada there is a large variety of International, North American and Mexican restaurants both within the all inclusive resorts and off the resorts. Many people enjoy the freedom of a variety of food choices when taking cheap vacations in Mexico. They don’t have to stay at an all inclusive resort to eat well. Even though the quality of food is usually up to Canadian standards when trying any new restaurant, always get recommendations first. When on vacation in Mexico always drink bottled water to avoid any health issues.

Shopping is a sport in some locations in Mexico. The open markets can be huge, but fun to explore. There are also malls, and big brand stores available in the Mayan Riviera and Cancun. In Puerto Vallarta there is everything from high end shops to local markets.

There is simply too much to Mexico to experience it in one vacation. The land itself is worth experiencing. There are beaches, deserts, jungles and mountains to explore. Many people like finding cheap vacations deals for Mexico so they can explore Mayan and Aztec culture and ruins like Tulum and Coba. Ecoadventures can be done in Huatulco. Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta are popular for golfing. For snorkelling and scuba diving you go to Cozumel.

Some people want their vacation package in Mexico to come with nightlife. For people interested in partying the night away, Cancun and Acapulco have an Americanized party scene. Though Puerto Vallarta, Los Cobos and Cabo San Lucas are not far behind when it comes to nightlife. For those less interested in a lively night life, Ixtapa, Mayan Riviera, Cozumel, Huatulco and Manzanillo offer more relaxing atmospheres.

The best beaches in Mexico for safety are found in the Mayan Riviera. The beaches found on the Gulf of Mexico have white sand and normally calm clear waters. The Pacific coast has golden sand and less serene waters; they can actually be quite rough.


Hurricane season runs from July to November. The benefits of hurricane season are the discount vacation deals available then. Often you can find safe cheap vacations in Mexico even in the tropical storm or hurricane season. There is low risk and great savings. You may even find some cheap all inclusive vacations when looking into vacation deals during the hurricane season. With modern weather tracking, hurricanes are spotted quickly, and their paths are carefully monitored. If need be steps will be taken to relocate you out of the path of a hurricane.

For people concerned with crime they need to take some precautions. Not much different than you would take in most larger, and unfamiliar cities. Stay in the tourist areas, travel in groups and take taxies. For people with safety concerns, it is recommended that they take all inclusive vacations in Mexico and stay on the resort. Also they should take their vacation in the Mayan Riviera or Cancun instead of Acapulco.  But for the most part Mexico is a safe place to take a vacation.

Need to Know Before you Go

You are required to have an up to date passport. You will also need a tourist card, and that can be obtained at no cost.

U.S. money and Mexican pesos can be used in Mexico. The U.S. dollar is more frequently used in tourist areas. It is recommended to take U.S. dollars. If you wish to use the ATM machines you can and most major credit cards are also accepted; though for shopping in the local market or taking a taxi you need cash.

You are expected to tip 15%. Tipping is not just for when you are in restaurants. You are expected to tip taxi drivers and hotel staff as well.

You can bring your electronics to Mexico. They use the 110 volt North American standard.

Spanish is the official language in Mexico. Though English is usually also spoken within the tourist areas. is a great resource to find vacations you dream of at the lowest price available.

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