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Cheap vacations in Cuba

Cuba has been a vacation hotspot for the rich, famous, and of course the notorious since the early 1900’s. Back then it was the place to drink and gamble. Today the casinos are gone but Cuba is still a popular vacation location for everyone, not only the rich and famous. There are still ultra luxurious all inclusive vacations available, but so are unexpectedly cheap vacations. People from all over the world enjoy the luxurious sun, sand, scuba diving, culture and history Cuba has to offer. is a quick and easy way to find the cheapest vacation in Cuba.  There are several ways to uncover a variety of cheap vacations for any budget, departure date, or destination.

How to find great cheap vacations to Cuba on

Know when and Where

If you already know when and where you would like to take a cheap vacation, use the package filter on the left side of the page. It is highlighted in blue. Simply fill in your departure location, your destination, and when you would like to leave. You can also include any other important information such as how long you would like to stay.  Hit the Search button and a list of cheap vacation packages will be displayed with the lowest price first. You can refine your search until you uncover the right vacation for you with the lowest price possible for the departure dates you want. 

Make use of the refining options to get the best possible vacation package. For example if you want an all Inclusive vacation in Cuba it is important that you choose all Inclusive under meal plan. Just because a hotel or resort offers an all inclusive vacation package does not mean all of their vacation packages are all inclusive. Many will offer people a choice between all inclusive, where meals are all included, or a vacation package that only includes a few meals, or none.

This gives you flexibility to choose an all inclusive package, or not, but still stay in the same location. Just be aware of what is included in any vacation packages you are interested in before you book so that you get what you want.

Star ratings are a great way to judge the quality of service, food and accommodations. It is easy to select the star rating when using’s package filter. If you are interested in something simple, basic and cheap then leave the selection at any star rating. You will see everything that is available from one to five star and higher. To make sure you are only looking at cheap vacation deals within Cuba that meet your standards select the star rating you are comfortable with. You can refine it to three, four and even five star or higher.

You know where but not when

It is great when you have some flexibility with departure dates when looking for discount vacations in Cuba. It makes it easy to get the cheapest deals for Cuban vacations if you can arrange your departure date to take advantage of them.

Right from the start you can find vacation packages with the lowest price displayed on’s home page. Look around to see what discount vacations in Cuba are available. Keep an eye out for any cheap all inclusive vacation packages, they often provide the best value.

Next look into any last minute vacation deals for Cuba. At times, last minute deals can save you a lot of money. Hotels and resorts are willing to reduce their prices if they have too many empty rooms. You can find some amazing deals, especially with all inclusive packages, when you take a look at last minute vacations in Cuba.

The easiest way to find the best discount vacations to Cuba is to look under Cheap Vacations. The Cheap Vacations button is on top of the page beside the Last Minute Vacation Deals button. Move the pointer over the Cheap Vacations button, choose Sun Vacations and then Cuba. At this point you can click on Cuba to or you can select a location in Cuba. If you select Cuba you will be able to see all discount vacation packages available within Cuba. If you select a location in Cuba you will only see the vacation deals available for that destination.

Taking that Last minute Vacation in Cuba

Sometimes there are amazing last minute vacation deals to Cuba. You can even find cheap all inclusive vacations at the last minute. Hotels and all inclusive resorts will sometimes offer last minute vacation deals when they have empty rooms. They want to book up and are willing to offer discount vacations to do so. It can be to your financial advantage to wait for last minute vacation deals for Cuba.

Find the Last Minute Vacation Deals button on the top of the page. Hold the pointer over it, find and click on your departure location.  A list of all available last minute vacation deals will be displayed, cheapest first. Scan the selection for any last minute vacation deals for Cuba. You will be able to see price and tax, the location, departure dates, how long the vacation package is for and if any meals are included, or if it is an all inclusive vacation package. The hotel or resorts star rating will also be shown.

Get the Most Value out of Your Discount vacation Deal for Cuba

No matter what method you choose to find cheap vacation packages on always check out the vacation package information before you book. This can be done by clicking on the Book button.  A new page will appear with the different discount vacation package options. Click on the package description to see what is included in the vacation package.

It takes a few minutes to compare the different vacation package descriptions but it is worth it. Make sure you are getting what you want out of your vacation package in Cuba, not just the cheapest one.  For example, one all inclusive vacation includes unlimited green fees so you can golf. Another all inclusive package lets a second child under 13 stay for free.

Hotel location is important when looking for the ideal but cheap vacation package within Cuba. Some hotels are located directly on a beach, others are not. Some have nightly entertainment, are close to a city to do shopping, sightseeing, or to take in the night life. You want to make sure you find the vacation package in Cuba that provides what is important to you. There is no point in taking the cheapest vacation deal if it does not meet your needs. Not when a little time comparing the vacation package descriptions could uncover the ideal discount vacation in Cuba. 

The Value of All Inclusive Vacation Packages in Cuba

All inclusive vacation packages in Cuba will often provide the best value simply because of what is included. However, each hotel has different all inclusive packages. Look at the all inclusive vacation package description so you know what is actually included. For example, some places have water sports and equipment included, but not all do.

Many people like taking all inclusive vacations in Cuba because meals are included. If food is an important part of your ideal vacation you need to find out a few things before you book. How many restaurants are in the hotel? What type of food is served? Are they buffet or à la carte? How many à la carte meals are included with all inclusive vacations? When is the food served? Is it 24 hrs or are there specific times the restaurants are open? One question many people don’t think to ask is if there is a dress code for the restaurants. Most do not, but some do. Do you need to pack more than shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits when taking cheap vacations in Cuba? If there is a dress code and other information about the restaurants it will show up in the all inclusive vacation package description.


Cuban wedding vacation packages are popular. Find out what is included before you choose any wedding vacation deals in Cuba. You want the best value for your money. You can find cheap all inclusive vacations for Cuba that include a wedding package. However you are not limited to all inclusive vacations. You may be able to arrange to be married in Cuba with any of the many Cuban vacation deals available. Just be aware that it is not easy to arrange your own wedding in Cuba. For example, all documents must be translated into Spanish. It is recommended that you look for cheap all inclusive vacations that include your wedding instead of going with discount vacation deals and trying to plan your wedding around it.

Get the Cuban Vacation You Want

Cuba has so much to offer in discount vacations that it can be overwhelming. However, there is quite a lot to attract people to Cuba, not just the availability of cheap vacations. is a great resource to find the vacation package in Cuba you dream of at the lowest price available. When choosing your destination try to not be swayed by discount vacation deals in Cuba. Instead decide what you want out of your Cuban vacation. With that information, choose where you want to vacation in Cuba. This makes it easier to focus on finding the right vacation deals for you.

There seem to be three main areas that draw people to Cuba; Nature/Ecotourism, the Culture and History of Cuba and of course Entertainment

Nature / Ecotourism

Some people are looking for discount vacation deals that let them enjoy nature or ecotourism. They want to spend time on the beaches, hike through mountains, scuba dive and get the most time to soak up the natural beauty found in Cuba. For them, cheap vacations in Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Largo, and Cayo Coco are a great choice. They can explore outstanding beaches, go scuba diving in the local coral reefs and more.

On the other hand, they may be drawn to discount vacation deals for Varadero. The best golfing in Cuba is found there. Varadero beaches are also wonderful and it is a great location for experiencing Cuban culture, history, music and shopping. People who want it all, nature, culture, history, entertainment and more should look for cheap vacations in Varadero.

Culture and History

Others travelers to Cuba would prefer cheap vacations that give them exposure to Cuban culture and history. They like talking to the locals and trying out the authentic foods. For example, sports are a huge part of the Cuban culture. It is easy to find cheap all inclusive vacations that revolve around sports, such as baseball.

Many people want to explore the churches, castles and forts, such as the Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña, one of the most impressive colonial Spanish fortresses ever built. They’re interested in sightseeing areas full of history and war sites. Their best choice would be to look for cheap vacations in Havana or Varadero.


A large number of people are looking for discount vacation deals in Cuba that let them immerse themselves into the Cuban nightlife and entertainment. They want a location that is central to the entertainment, restaurants, shopping and the party pulse of Cuba. They are drawn to the music, dancing, theatre and the fun.

Varadero and Havana have much to offer in the way of nightlife and entertainment. However if people don’t mind the lack of beaches they are much better off looking for cheap vacations in Havana. There is lots of sightseeing and shopping to do during the day. The nights though are full of live jazz, Latin music and more. There are numerous night clubs to spend the night dancing. Havana is the party town of Cuba.

What to Expect when Taking Cheap Vacations in Cuba


Over the years there has been some concern about the quality of cuisine available when taking cheap all inclusive vacations in Cuba. Many all inclusive hotels that offer cheap vacations have a variety of high quality cuisines available. You can often find the same cuisine as you would in any town in Canada. Sometimes it is even better.
You can find many styles of food, including traditional Cuban, available throughout Cuba. Many people taking cheap vacations in Cuba are going to Paladors for unique and inexpensive traditional Cuban meals. They are finding that the food might be simple at a Palador but quality and authenticity make up for it. Paladar is Portuguese for taste and flavour and is the name most commonly used for small family run privately owned restaurants and cafes in Cuba.

If you decide to have a meal away from your hotel, you take the same risks as you would trying any unfamiliar restaurant in Canada or anywhere in the world. It is usually a good idea to get recommendations from the hotel staff or other locals before you try a new restaurant no matter where you are in the world. No matter where you eat, it is recommended to stick with bottled water.

Hotels / Resorts

When looking into cheap vacations in Cuba there are one star to five star and higher hotels available. You can find all inclusive vacation packages available, some meals included or room only. You can find peace and tranquility and fun with resorts that are away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Or you can spend your time experiencing Cuban culture, people and night life with hotels right in the middle of it all.

Cultural and Historical

Cuba is full of history and many historical sightseeing locations. Depending on where you are and how you like to do your sightseeing, you can arrange to take tours to local historical and cultural sites. You could also take a cocotaxis and do independent sightseeing. Cuba has a unique history and culture that is fun to experience and explore. The people, food, music and architecture are a combination of Spanish and African influences. You can spend your time visiting Spanish fortresses left over from when Cuba was a Spanish colony. There are castles, churches and more to marvel at.


Depending on where you are taking your cheap vacation in Cuba you can stroll through the open markets soaking up the atmosphere as you look around.  Locally made crafts, rum and cigars are popular. As with any shopping that involves border crossings, keep your receipts. With items like cigars and alcohol you want to be extra careful. Only buy them from a legitimate vendor or you risk having them confiscated at the airport.


You will be able to change your money into Cuban pesos at the airport in Cuba and most hotels. It may seem inconvenient but you want to bring US and Canadian money. It is important to bring both. If you try and convert US money to pesos there is an administrative fee you can avoid by converting your Canadian money instead. The US money is to tip with.

You will want to leave your AMEX card at home, the same with any other cards hosted by American providers. Traveller cheques need to be from a Canadian provider as well. 

Tipping is a huge part of the Cuban culture, which has been built around tourists and the money they bring in for almost a hundred years. A lot of people make their living not from the pesos they are paid with but the US dollars they get as tips. You don’t want to tip in Canadian funds simply because it is not actually usable in Cuba; but the US dollar is. Also if you tip in American money you get much better service.


Spanish is the main language, but English is quite common inside the hotels and outside.


The Cuban tropical climate makes it a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the sun on any of its beaches. Often the north-west coast of Cuba is considered to have similar temperatures and weather as Florida. This includes a slightly cooler temperature during the winter months. The south-east area of Cuba normally has consistently warm temperatures throughout the year. November to April is the drier season. May to October is considered the rainier season.


Cuba does have a hurricane season, just like many locations in the Caribbean. Fortunately it is unlikely that your vacation will be affected by a hurricane. It is very rare for Cuba to be hit by a hurricane. Also with modern weather tracking, hurricanes are spotted quickly, and their paths are carefully monitored. If need be steps will be taken to relocate you out of the path of a hurricane. Hurricane season can run between July and November, September and October being considered the peak time for storms and hurricanes. 

The benefits of hurricane season are the discount vacation deals available then. Often you can find safe cheap vacations in Cuba even in the tropical storm or hurricane season. There is low risk and great savings. You may even find some cheap all inclusive vacations when looking into vacation deals during the hurricane season.
The diverse history and culture also makes it an ideal place to enjoy the atmosphere, the unique architecture, and people of Cuba. There are strong Spanish and African influences in the cuisine, architecture and music.

Requirements for Traveling to Cuba

If you plan to take electronics to Cuba you need an adaptor that works with Cuba’s 220 volt standard.

You will need a valid passport, medical insurance and a Tourist Card. You are responsible for getting your valid passport and medical insurance. You should talk with your travel agent about your Tourist Card to find out if the cost of your Tourist Card is included, or do you need to purchase it.

Please note that extra care should be taken when filling in a Cuban Tourist Card. If you make mistakes, or have damaged the Cuban Tourist Card, you may have to purchase a new one when you arrive in Cuba or before you can leave. Keep your Cuban Tourist Card safe. Cuban Immigration will request that you return your half when you leave. If you don’t have it you’ll have to replace it. This will cost you money and delay your departure. You may even miss your flight home. It is important that you don’t lose your Cuban Tourist Card.

There is also a mandatory departure tax of 25 Convertible pesos, to be paid upon departure. It is recommended that you put the 25 convertible pesos aside so you have them when you leave. Convert the remaining pesos back to Canadian before you leave. You will be unable to do so once you leave Cuba.

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